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Froi of the Exiles - Melina Marchetta It was one of the best books yet by Marchetta. -_- Now I have to wait until October for the release of Quintana! The plot was so rich and full of surprising twists. It was a big book, really long and it took me two days to read it. (I do have a life.) I really hated having to stop reading the book and yet I stopped frequently, afraid to finish it. There was an urge to cry nearing the end of the book but I could only gasp at the hardships and continue on. Every one of the characters in the book was flawed and I loved them because of their flaws. Especially Quintana. Mainly, I felt that Froi was a narrator of the events even though he played a key role in it. Quintana was the main character, the broken vessel, princess, and love of Froi. I felt that Froi of the Exiles was there basically to set up for the bigger story that's sure to reveal itself in Quintana of Charyn.
As endearing as the characters can be, I am irritated with so many of them. Their stupid actions, mistakes and all their hidden bitterness directed into spiteful words at each other. I could see so much pain in every person and there was plenty of despair and betrayals to pass around. There were so many actions that made me question the goodness of the people's hearts and kindness. And then I thought, every single character in the book is in pain; I don't remember anyone being truly happy. But there was so much hope for a better future and that was enough for me to go on and the astonishing ending left me hanging. I'm literally aghast with the dreaded future of Charyn and Lumatere. I am dying to find out how Marchetta will sew up this whole mess of a kingdom.