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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi A bit of spoiler about Warner

This book has many flaws and the world building isn't exactly solid. However, Shatter Me is still a good read. I really love Warner (and I'll probably be the only one) and he is the greatest villain everrrrrrrr! He is super wicked and has all the evil down pat. Don't judge the book by its bad cover though. The author tends to use many superfluous metaphors but the crossed out lines amuse me. Seeing everything from Juliette's eyes was confusing and at times annoying. Not to mention how every guy she encounters falls for her beauty. *rolls eyes at ceiling* STOP IT!!! And then Warner, he is an amazing character. He's the most dynamic character throughout the whole story. He is insane, eye candy, extremely weird, and...in love with Juliette. In his own way, he cares for her and loves her. Anything else? Oh yeah, he has that mysterious past about his mother and then his methods of climbing up the ranks. He's killed and tortured many and yet, he's still an endearing person. He deserves every reader's sympathy. I don't know about supporting him but I'll keep an eye out for the next book. Hopefully, the second book will have a better looking cover too.