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Monsters of Men: Chaos Walking: Book Three - Patrick Ness This is the end of this epic trilogy. Oh my god. I'm completely overwhelmed and again, Todd and Viola continues to amaze me! Their horrifying choices, characteristics, objections are ceaseless. This book showcases their obstacles and the mountains of emotions they had to climb. Patrick Ness has established himself as my favorite author. Of course, there are less-than-stellar problems with the New World and the plot. But it's hardly superfluous when he shows a riveting picture of a warring future in the books. He has effectively created a distraught world full of pain, war, suffering. I feel the definitive and suitable title of how war makes monsters of men. Ness is a master of his genre, he dishes out war, surprise, and subtle horror at each turn.
Yet, the other constant emotions floats through the story: love, trust, and connections. Viola and Todd's bond is unbreakable. Proven countless times throughout the book, they will do anything ANYTHING for each other. When tensions breaks loose, they never cease to amaze me.
They will kill and unleash havoc if one or the other dies. They will murder to avenge each other's death and even cause war. So their complete reliance on each other's strength and weaknesses...it makes them the most endearing characters crafted. One of the best parts of the book, aside from the characters is the plot.
Man! The nerve! I had a hiatus when I read the first 100 pgs but the rest? I breezed through. The plot is rent with surprises, multiple twists and skillful renditions of the three revolving POVs. This is powerful writing and manipulation. If only I could write like this. (sighs) the ending is satisfying and plays a big part in my rating. I don't always want a sweet, sugary HEA and this book is not definitely one. I may not be 100% ecstatic over it but the ending was bittersweet and gives hope for a better future. That's a heck of a lot more than I can say for most books.
I don't feel closure after reading this book. Because the whole ending was a HUGE 'EFFING' cliffhanger. The author could develop and return to the New World if he wants to. He could extend the whole series and write a new one. Hell, he can explain and talk more about the events after! I really hope there's more to this than just these three books; I just love Todd and Viola too much!!