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Saving Francesca - Melina Marchetta This book contains the elements of a rare jewel. Everything about it is satisfying and it made me happy and sad. It is full to the brim with tangible feelings of sorrow, hope and love that everyone can relate to. Filled with funny quirky characters, I had a fun time along with tear-filled moments. Francesca is a great narrator and knows when to be strong and weak. When in distress, her friends are always there to help and support her. She is a strong resilient character who faces her challenges head-on and makes this book funny and downright emotional. I really hope there might be a sequel but it's a good end to the story already. With such endearing characters, heartfelt moments, and a great storyline, I have become a fan of Marchetta. Other future books will pale in comparison and no other read will leave me filling exactly like this. Now I DEFINITELY have to read The Piper's Son and Finnikin of the Rock!! Thank goodness I have both of them borrowed and in my possesion. YeshhH!! (fist pumps)