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The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger Since I read this as required school reading, I've had mixed feelings towards this book. My heart goes out towards Holden because throughout the whole book, he tries to discover who he is. This book is known as a coming-of-age story but many people beg to differ reasoning that Caulfield never grew up from beginning to end. It's controversial issue I'd rather not go into. However, it's present through the whole story that Holden is seriously troubled. He is psychologically unstable and impulsive going where the mainstream do not. But this empathy I feel for him is totally me, not because the author knew how to manipulate the reader into feeling sympathy. I know this book is intended for adults and as comic relief. In that, Salinger failed and Catcher appealed to younger readers instead because of the multiple moral issues dealt within. Sex, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, abuse, girls, death, neglect, city life. All this is in there. It's a pretty depressing once I dissected it. Holden doesn't want to grow up and is the Catcher in the Rye. I feel for him and he is a confused child whose brother Allie died. He is in grief and cannot move on. Stars off for the distant writing and the crappy ending. But kudos to such a difficult character to write about but written about anyways and in one-person perspective too! It might just be the best required reading book I read this year.