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The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta It may have started out a bit slow in the beginning but I'm really glad I finished this book. Although there were sentimental parts where I wanted to cry or did, I felt the emotion put behind everyone's actions so vividly. Marchetta's just awesome and I'm jealous of how she can blend laughter, sense of well-being and pain so well. Everyone's in so much pain in the book and I empathized with them.
Tom is young and already went thru so much pain. As the author points out, he was already sad and depressed even before Joe died. Joe's death just completely pushed him into the depths of grief and loss. Georgie's side of story was also interesting but since I knew Tom from SF, he was a more defined fleshed-out character.
I especially loved the name Piper's Son. It gave so much inspiration to Tom and Dom and it definitely made the book more enjoyable. It brought out the backbone and themes behind the dysfunctional family and it really made me see why people, many introverted, in the book acted the way they did.
There is a loophole in the story and that's Jimmy Hailler. Now, all Marchetta has to do is write another sequel and bring Jimmy fully into the picture. I'll be waiting for it.