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Chime - Franny Billingsley Hmm...what to say? 4.5 stars and cheers for an enlightening time! There was so much going on, many people getting sick and the not-so-subtle hint: Chime. Well then. I loved how witty and clever Briony is despite her time spent wallowing in guilt and self-hate. There was significant character development or rather, shifts due the Unfolding plot. Might I say, Rose became likable throughout the end, and many loose ends were tied up. That doesn't mean there aren't any questionable actions remaining. Although, this book does show so much more and I wouldn't mind a sequel even though Chime stands perfectly well alone. There are so many emotions displayed vividly by Briony and Eldric does well too. It may not appeal to everyone since it doesn't really incorporate cliche plot devices but it will be appreciative for many. Bad reviews notwithstanding, I am so glad I gave this one a chance. Oh and by the way, the cover is dazzling.