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Fire - Kristin Cashore 3.5 stars for another well-written book! I was a little hesitant on starting this book since it would not feature Po or Katsa but I finally gave it a shot. Wow the plot was very driven and there was a chain of events that set off one catastrophe after another. The writing wasn't as good I thought it was but Fire was still an intriguing book. It was interesting how Cashore picked who died and who didn't die (yet). I haven't thought about The Dells before and I wonder if Fire and the others will be mentioned in Bitterblue. However I would surely be delighted if I get any information on them. They're too interesting and unique to just drop off! I won't be sure about reading Bitterblue anytime soon. I need time to contemplate on Fire. Life is hard enough without school but Bitterblue's only a day away from release!