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I prefer to keep my reviews short but I can't guarantee them to be sweet. I don't mind discussing, analyzing, or raving but I'm just an inherently lazy writer/reviewer.

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The Book Thief - Markus Zusak Completely brilliant beautiful writing with an amazing cast of characters. Not exactly what I expected but blown away nevertheless. The story was built upon Liesel but not exactly about her. Instead, it thrived into a bigger picture of a tragedy that reaches all corners of Europe unrelenting even to Germans. It left me with a 'punctured heart and beaten lungs' and feeling more empty crying (does't make sense but whatever). It's not a subject everyone can relate to but Zusak score major points through his mastery of words and blatant show of grief, loss and horror. Death has never been a greater or more empathic character. Everyone, read it! It's a beautiful story. However, I can't guarantee that you won't cry.