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Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys The horrifying and realistic accounts made this book one of the few that I will never reread. Not that it was bad but I definitely felt this book could've have been so much better. It's me not the book because I have a pet peeve of reading 2 page long chapters. There is also the short sentences; I dont mind when short sentences are utilized artistically but it pisses me off because it makes the character sound unable to speak correctly or converse intelligently. But even cutting out my personal peeves this book just wasn't as good as typical WWII stories. I get it that it is a gruesome account but all I feel is a distant detachment to all the events. I cannot get a grasp on any of the characters, Lina was unreliable and everyone just felt 2D excluding Kretzsky. Personally Kretsky was the only lifelike character I thought of.