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The Vespertine - Saundra Mitchell This historical novel filled with supernatural elements and elaborate speech makes for a good read. However, I felt the ending was too rushed. The next book The Springsweet will be a sequel or companion novel. This novel was written in smooth prose and old phrases that are still comprehendable. The Vespertine was a good 300pgs and surprisely, I didn't have to force myself to read it. A very modern interpretation of a history backdrop, the author definitely did her research. Nathaniel was sometimes frustrating but he had good reasons to be. Being dealt with Amelia, he was still unable to have her due to his reputation as a Fourteenth. I loved how they both interacted so easily with each other. In many books, I always find so many heroines and heroes so annoying when they misinterpret their own convos. They end up not talking correctly and wind up with misunderstandings. This book sets itself apart from others with its bold Nathaniel, old America, and endearing character Amelia, aka The Damsel in Distress.