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Tender Morsels - Margo Lanagan That book spins a tale so different and yet similar to Snow White and Rose Red. I'm not sure to call it a retelling of the fairy tale because the book sets itself so completely apart from a child's bedtime reading. It's not really horror more as morbid details and icky subjects and themes. The only thing that kept me reading was, why not?...these kinds of things exist even today.
ironically, I found Tender Morsels funny in a twisted way filled with black humor. Of course, I recoiled from many events and even cried in outrage but I applaud the blunt use of language and casual reference to sex. It was a bold move to write in such a manner and it is highly inappropriate for the young but if you can stomach particular grotesqueness, I welcome you to try. I truly understand why it garnered such low ratings and it wasn't enjoyable for me. Really, this book could've been so much more shorter despite the convoluted plot. But I'm still glad I read it and I'll remember it vividly.