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I prefer to keep my reviews short but I can't guarantee them to be sweet. I don't mind discussing, analyzing, or raving but I'm just an inherently lazy writer/reviewer.

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The Glass Menagerie - Tennessee Williams I watched my school play adaptation of this and I also borrowed my friend's book to read this. I don't know what to think. The characters were mentally weak but I felt that most people were back in those times. It was a different time back then even if it was more peaceful in a weird way. Even today, cripples were outcasts and set apart for their physical differences. The lines, however, in this book is more distinguished and stronger. I loved Laura in a strange way, no, I did not pity her but I couldn't ever imagine myself being her friend because she was awfully shy. She has a right to whine but she never did anything about it and that bothered me. Amanda was inconsiderate and didn't really understand Laura...but still, together the two women and the one man was a family.