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The Power of Six - Pittacus Lore This is one of my favorite series and I can't bear to see it dwindle and fail. The Power of Six was an exhilarating ride. It had me clinging onto the pages giddy with excitement! It has all the elements of the previous books and the some more. We meet number 7 and the others (wink wink). Personally I find John to be an idiot but then after meeting Sarah, I switch my hostility to her. Now she's an idiot/beeyotch. Can't believe I actually liked her in the first book. Wtf's wrong with her? The book kind of lags at some times and pisses me off but then it's okay. The end's worth it. It has me asking for more more more! I saw some of the twists coming but the others?...not really. Number Nine is definitely the narrator of the third book and I can't wait to hear his side of the story! The third installment has to live up to this amazing series because there are so many cliffhangers and bajillions of questions piled up here.