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Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë 3.5 stars in accordance to the plot, action pace, characters, and writing. I dislike the main characters so much: Heathcliff and Catherine and Edgar, they had to all die in order for everyone else to have a happy ending. I only ever felt sympathy for Heathcliff in his younger vulnerable years but the rest of his days are spent seeking vengeance. I don't understand how he's romantic; in fact, he may the sole villain of the story (aside from that drunk Hindley).
The saving grace of the whole story was Hareton who was the polar opposite of practically every detestable person in Wuthering Heights. He's rude and coarse but he grows up completely different from what Heathcliff would've expected. (He may as well be compared to the first Mr. Earnshaw.) Well, that's one happy aspect the bloodline contained. safe to say, all the 'good' people got their HEA for this depressing grim story. Despite knowing the ending to this already, I glad to know the way things turned out. I regret nothing.