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The Giver - Lois Lowry Why? Why why why? The world was well-structured and then the slow buildup just suddenly collapses. To me, the climax of the book was Jonas's eye-opening view of the Ceremony of Release performed by his father. That was one of the most powerful moments in the book aside from the meadow game during the Unexpected Holiday. It's wonderful to know this book is so much more</> better and just more in detail, depth, and emotion than Number the Stars. I know her works are aimed at a younger audience and I agree with others that the subject The Giver deals with is too loosely tossed around. However, The Giver distinguishes itself as an academically enriching book filled with great plot and strong, prominent main characters.
(The ending was just outrageous though. That was so flabbergasting and I'm still in dazed over it.)