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Eternally Yours - Cate Tiernan 4 and a half GOLD stars for a resplendent and satisfying ending to this trilogy! I'm so happy Nastasya and Reyn received the HEA they oh so much deserved. Of course, what's a paranormal book with some people dying, leaving, crying (not necessarily tears of joy), and being just plain creepy? Again, there was a bit of a morose atmosphere pervading the majority of the book and I loved how it was balanced out by Nas's ever-present witty ripostes, funny and dumb remarks. Having The repute away from Tiernan's books, its great to return to the same old characters Who are also slightly improved, more fleshed-out and interesting than before. The subplots/romances, I felt was superfluous but it was still fun to watch the interactions between other couples of the house. When it comes down to the storyline, it was written at an unhurried pace and spiced up with Occasional surprises and occurrences. The trouble with plot however, was not the characters but the way the strange and malevolent Immortals at work were portrayed, Yes, the Terava were causing mischief and maligning the peaceful River's Edge farm but I still never got that sense of dread and fear that others were feeling. All I felt was anticipation and a bit of a shock when Nas found Incy's head mailed to her. But what's a wimpy character useful for in modern-day unforgiving new world? It's so fun watching and reading everything from a great heroine who was fractured and broken but well on the way to recovery. Her perceptions and outlook on life changes slowly but it is evident that she's healing. Both h/h may cautiously view their bitter history but never let it get in the way of their smoochy sessions. I love how both people can take the situation at hand and never let their relationship get in the way of grave matters. And that's what I was looking for: not a romance but a paranormal which may be imbued with it but is mostly elements of action and adventure.