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The Unwritten Rule - Elizabeth Scott I thought it was an average nothing special, just mediocre book about the dramatic life of an inferior insecure girl. Said girl is sad and regretful but does completely nada about her best friend and crush dating. Really? What the hell. I'm sorry, I understand her justifiable reasons in her passive struggle to overcome her ambivalence towards both friends. But how the hell can she just date him like that? Yes, she loves him for a long time and yet the guy is the one who's the actual villain in this. The blond popular best friend may be a bitch but she didn't coerce or blackmail her boyfriend into dating her. The guy, let me just say it, needs to grow some and should've broken with the best friend a looooooooong time ago. There was over-exaggerated. The only redeeming quality and why I gave it a three was due to my empathy to the girl and my understanding towards her irreconcilable situation.