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Insurgent  - Veronica Roth The action is top-notch just like the previous book and there's no lack of romance for soppy people out there. Personally, I could care less about the people's love lives but I love how Roth met my expectations with her plot. People complained about the slow buildup for the couple hundred pages but I loved that she focused on the world-building. The world development in the first book was shaky at best but the author more than made up for it. This greater understanding of the Dystopian Chicago is a worthy sacrifice of the slow action. Of course, the drastic character changes had multiple readers cringing in disbelief. I didn't care; Tris may have grown weak mentally or reckless but she have an inner determination for doing what's right. I admire her perspicaciousness in looking past the armor with see the inner motives of people around her. She may be unlikable here but her judgements are free of grudges which elevates her in my eye. And Four may need a bit more work in the third book because he's lacking in support. He may have come through for Tris in many ways but his prospects as a romantic interest continue to wane. The information revealed in the end was not really shocking but since this also changes everything in the world-buildup, I foresee a different setting soon.