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I prefer to keep my reviews short but I can't guarantee them to be sweet. I don't mind discussing, analyzing, or raving but I'm just an inherently lazy writer/reviewer.

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Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast Mygod. If this was a book set in the near future, I think then THEN would I applaud PC & Kristin Cast for an accurate portrayal of a vampire academy. Sorry to disappoint, but the book is actually set in modern day US. It's nasty to read about the promiscuous free sex being hands out but what do you know?... Seems like the more sexual content there is, the more scandalous it is for readers. Then it just seems strange that I, a vampire-loving romantic (yes, I'm secretly romantic), am dispassionate about this book. And that's weird, since this book is the epitome of sex and vampires. People looking for original literature, I beg you to stay away from this artifice.