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The Thief - Megan Whalen Turner 3.5 stars!! For some reason, I kept suffering under the misconception that 'guns' have no place in a high fantasy world. And surely, The Thief shouldn't have any mentions of modern warfare? Well, that's hardly relevant nor important to the main point I was just getting to. This kind of book is not an easy read and the first scores of pages are easily offputting to a less persistent reader. Initially, I thought the plot was slow as molasses and nothing happened. However, the descriptions of the lands were pretty interesting in the limited space one acquainted with it. I admit, I had a pretty hard time trying to picture the landscapes and all those significant landmarks that were supposed to be otherworldly. Nope, no such thing. The world is actually realistic and yet intriguing enough to invest my time in. Basically, it's set in lesser time period probably on the 19th century. But the story is no less boring due to some underlying heavenly interventions. The gods play a major role in this series and not typically like the greek Olympians either. The gods merely act as observers who give the pawns a slight push in their preferred direction. I was tremendously awed by the ironic twists in the end; it was just completely insane! Say, I should've taken the hints that Mrs. Turner dropped along the way but I guess I'm just not that perspicacious. Rather, I'd make a bad detective if I ever chose to dabble in such a ill-suited profession. Phew!! No thanks, I'll just stick to books and leave everything up to the pros! After all, it more fun for me to watch how everything plays out. I'll be sure to start on The Queen's Thief all in good time.