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Looking for Alaska - John Green 3.5 stars I'm reluctant to give this four stars due to major weak parts of the book. Alaska is, conformably, labelled everything in the book description. However, her enigma is taken too far and the main characters may feel her loss only briefly if acutely. Her perspective of life, suffering, and the labyrinth is tremendously bitter but she is also the epitome of transient youth. The prolific profanity seemed too awkward spewing out of those intelligent mouths sometimes and the casual referral to sex was overloaded. But Pudge's fallatio episode did make me laugh even if it was a bit unrealistic. Therefore, her death does not prove anything except drive home the fact that wildness can combust and backfire in everyone's faces. Again, John Green provides a fresh view of the significance of her death: practice forgiveness, grieve briefly and forget but learn and cherish the memories. Looking for Alaska bears similarities to the overall themes portrayed through the play Our Town and is a great novel to ponder on. Those of you, go ahead and read this short book; maybe you'll learn something and probably forget about it.