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Matched - Ally Condie It was halfway decent, nothing special about the characters in a sketchy dystopian world. Wait, never mind, is it utopian this time? It's really frustrating that the world isn't described in detail and the future is so unrealistic when you think of society nowadays. We American PRIDE ourselves in supplying creativity and new ideas every day. No way in hell can the government pull off a massive shut-down of stifling imagination. But whatever, I digress: the characters aren't interesting enough for me to feel the need to read the second book. They are standard-issue boring people and the way i see it, they were lucky to just even meet. Very typical, they show no tangible emotions and not even a slight connection to each other. There was the end when Cassia pointed her finger up towards the sky which made me shiver. That was about the only awe I felt for the book.If I somehow come across a copy of the second book, I just might read it when I find the time to.