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I prefer to keep my reviews short but I can't guarantee them to be sweet. I don't mind discussing, analyzing, or raving but I'm just an inherently lazy writer/reviewer.

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Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift,  Michael Seidel The Nautical language at the beginning of each voyage threw me off. Despite the fact that Gulliver is portrayed as intelligent, he is arrogant and wimpy. And the flowery language was so annoying especially when he was explaining fundamental principle; that just confused the hell out of me. But it wasn't a bad book and I did enjoy the sarcasm and mocking tones. When he depreciated the unevenness and inconsistency of skin tone on the giant women's breasts, that made my day. How refreshing to know that Gulliver ended up carried along with the humongous women into their baths! The best parts of satire was in Part IV.