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The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater 4.5 I can't bear to give out a 5 since it wasn't perfect but the whole idea, plot and theme of the book made me love the characters. It's literally like a different world in this book; man-eating water horses in the Scorpio Races. I find that title pretty suitable. I found Kate/Puck to be a really endearing character, not an idiot. She has all redeeming qualities of a brave Amazonian warrior persona. Very nicely represented and a definitely a better narrator than Sean. I find Sean a bit unemotional even when he's the narrator. He's just pragmatic and stone-faced but he continues to show caution towards people. His love for the horses and Puck does shine through, though. I really do like the switching viewpoints throughout the novel. One main problem. The race lasted for 10 pgs. And the rest of the 400-pg story? With exceptions of some parts, I thought the book was really slow-paced and several hundred pages didn't really excite me. Half the time, I'm just thinking, get with it already! This book does show a lot of promise for Stiefvater and it's definitely better than Shiver Trilogy. I'll keep an eye out for The Raven Boys and I just hope that Maggie Stiefvater won't dish out another 'readers decide ending' cop-out. That's just indecisiveness on her part because I had set out to read Forever with high expectations that she would end it on a good note.