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Dracula - Bram Stoker My feelings toward the characters continue to play a central role in my rating. Despite the males' aggravating sexism, cluelessness and bumbling ways, they are still redeemable. Of courses all that testosterone is for the sale of protecting Mina's "virtue" and thus they have a proper reason and outlet for all that aggression. I see how it is, Stoker. You just dehumanize all women into 2 categories. They're either a sex symbol or simply a daughter of God. Alrighty then.
I still loved Dracula (the book, that is) even though the characterization is nonexistent and the various perspectives were barely distinguishable. Why? Because this book was the one that sparked off the Vampire craze in the media. It's fairly understandable; first, the whole book is practically plot-driven. There were slow parts and that's expectable in most English classic literatures. Basically, everything stands on an enigmatic eternal figure of repulsive god-defying nature. And then there are those normal humans who protect society from them. Already, the lines are clearly drawn and the allies predetermined. All that remains is the slow process the humans go thru to (literally) exhume the ancient vampire lore and chase the blood soaked trail left behind. And how lovely that chase was. Goodness, so much adventure! The experience would've swept me through a storm of emotions but I always felt the characters not really lackadaisical, but a bit catatonic.