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The Folk Keeper (Jean Karl Books) - Franny Billingsley Somehow, Mrs. Billingsley always write a love interest who is not necessarily a perfect Adonis and not handsome in the general sense of terms. But he still ends up being an endearing man who continues to entertain and tug at my heartstrings. This book has given me some sound advice: a guy need not be physically attractive to serve as an amazing lover. This love story though, was only a subplot compared to the viscous counterpart of the mystery of The Folk Keeper herself. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the girl's birth was expertly revealed and I was so pleased with myself. I had half guessed but I was rather distracted by the other events in the story to actually notice the clues and address it properly. I love that the author didn't try to stretch this story out gratuitously which many have been doing nowadays. This was a great stand-alone and there was also the stellar descriptions that I read in her later book Chime. Damn, but I really want to live in this world now! This definitely reminds me why I love fantasy so much and how romance doesn't have to be the main fuel and central part to create a good book.