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The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka, Stanley Corngold The Metamorphosis's story centers around this small family who all depend on Gregor for sustenance. The day that he morphs inexorably into a giant dung beetle is ridiculous. The moment that he worries more about arriving late to work instead of about his body is even more absurd. However, people can perceive his personality as either frivolous or selfless through his thought processes. He obviously gave up a lot for his family by attaining a high-paying but unsatisfactory job. And yet, his parents take his support for granted and expect his money as their due. It just frustrates me to no end how family to treat their own children like complete trash and blame them for everything.
Gregor does not make a great protagonist since 1. He's a beetle/cockroach, 2. He is too selfless 3 and cares too much for his unreciprocating family. His judgements and actions are always ruled by placing concerns for his family's benefit. I don't know what Kakfa was trying to tell the reader but I definitely know that I will never EVER want to be (like) Gregor. His sorry state of life from his career to his death just signifies the low regard society has for ugly truths.
Donning a nasty ugly appearance doesn't make Gregor a horrible monstrosity. Instead it's the excuse his family utilizes to make it easy for them loathe him; and furthermore to aliken his form to his inner mind. Gregor's growing resentment for his family is righteous and can be sympathized with when they start to neglect him. And vice versa in consideration to the family's financial straits. The same pity that applies to Gregor's whole situation takes on a whole new dimension in the final confrontation between Cockroach and Family. Disappointingly, goodness doesn't always prevail and Gregor ends up having to make a difficult choice in sacrifice for his family. Being the odd one out in a group has always been the case for Gregor and in the aftermath, the rift is even more exaggerated. the family's utterly nasty dilemma is so crazy that its not funny. Of course, faced with such a bizarre situation, I don't believe I'd have the courage either to continue caring for a bestial family member.