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Looking for Alibrandi - Melina Marchetta Marchetta, that woman, knows how to write even if this was her debut. I now understand why such a book would deserve a movie. It's not even the writing anymore but the words in the conversations that's laden with so much meaning. This is not up to par as Jellicoe Road (which I read the day before) and LFA is actually like a beta version of it. They're nothing alike though since the latter has so much more hidden broiling emotions and sorrow...if that even makes sense. Compared to other YA though, I can say this much: it is more serious, mature and realistic. It takes all the good and bad about teen years and presents it matter-of-factly. I enjoy happily-ever-afters so much that it sometimes shocks me when a book ends contrariwise. The end is bittersweet and not at all what I expected. Just when problems seemed patched up, new wounds suddenly break out. It was gutsy for MM to go for the unhappy ending but I felt content and satisfied with what I got.