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Gamer Girl - Mari Mancusi Okay I get that this is purely fictional and yet, I expected scenarios to be possible and not so far-fetched when it comes to realistic fiction. One of the elephantine/ginormous plotholes is something I wouldn't spoil. Never mind, here it is:tell me now, what are the odds that you will meet your crush purely out of coincidence on an online game? Yes, you transfer to a new school. then you start playing a game where you become best best friends (almost virtual online dating) with him. Uh, no, of course you wouldn't know it's your crush in real life because that would spoil the *gasp* mystery and not to mention, plotline. For such a beautiful cover, there were too many cliches to count with a lackluster outline of cliques and stereotypes to boot. The book did make me laugh at how cheesy some of the lines were.
What truly made me furious was the manga references. It just totally caused me to hate the whole manga-reading group. The author seriously needs to do more research on manga before throwing out random book titles. The words .HACK and Chibi Vampire made me cringe and I flinched at the ignorance of the characters (which is a direct cause of the author). Sorry, but it's true. A little bit of research and googling should've informed the author that 'chibi manga' is only a narrow section in the whole otaku world. What happened to shojo and shonen manga? Weren't there guys in the clique? What the hell did they read then? If the author can oh-so-casually throw out these titles, maybe she should've included Naruto, One Piece, Fruits Basket, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Vampire Knight, and countless others for the sheer popularity of them. I can't believe that such a great premise and idea turned out as slapdash sloppy work. This ranting comes now from a manga-loving old reader. Even when I read this book wayyy before I invested myself in anime and manga, I already found it to be lacking. This does an injustice to all otakus out there.