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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne This is more of a 3.5 stars rating. I've been so devastated days after I finished the book. It's a bit late to review a few months after the completion of this book. I just really didn't like what occured throughout this book. People died. Gory scenes played out accordingly. And then the most hated part: LIFE JUST F-ING WENT ON!! I cried. I really did. What set me off was Finn's death. He was the comedian, the love, the humor during war. And then even worse after that. Primrose Everdeen dies!!!!!!!! wtf man. Katniss replaced Primrose in the Hunger Games just for the sake of preventing her death! and then you killed her! well, whatever, she should have died sooner then. This whole reading experience gave me so much to thing about. And now with the The Hunger Games movie coming out, I'm just crossing my fingers hoping that it better be as epic as the books themselves! This series is one of the best I've ever read. It really changed my life and despite the deaths, I believed that Katniss has truly become a beacon of fire and hope. She is devastated in the end but continues to live on. Well, that proves something. At least the author didn't kill Kat and Peeta off. Then I would have really bawled and cried for days. In essence, this is one of the best literary achievements that has me walking away with a different perspective of life. Thank you, Mrs. Collins