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The Fall of Five - Pittacus Lore I almost had to put this on my tearjerker shelf but then I changed my mind because I didn't cry. However, it was still shocking and traumatizing for me when the plot twist happened. Okay, in case you didn't hear the spoilers flying around the internet, you ready?...[s]One of the Garde dies. Like in the worst way possible. Look, you'll understand once you get to it. [/s] It was just plain depressing and it angered me so much. I felt like the whole death was just unjustifiable. My heart cracked completely. UGH. By the way, the 3 stars isn't for the horrible death; that would be unfair to the author. Academically, it fits the rating for the writing, the descriptions, and the number of plotholes I found in the story. Six's hair is described as blond in one chapter and then it's black in another. And really, that's such an elementary mistake that the editor should've caught. That's not something you can brush off when the character's appearance is unconsistent. This one wasn't as exciting as the other books since everyone mostly sat on their bums and hung out in Chicago. Not really planning but more like training and "getting to know each other". Seriously, the whole thing was like a motivational campaign and a social gathering. Nothing much happens (until the end) and I'm telling the truth.