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Easy - Tammara Webber Phew! I finished this book in one whole sitting which was something I haven't done recently! Well, Easy easily convinced me to just lie down and kick back to enjoy one hell of an emotional ride. The characters play major roles in this story where each one contribute significantly. There were interesting back characters but the H&H together completely blew me away. Something in each character conveyed their sense of emptiness and their need for understanding. That was pretty all that linked Lucas and 'Jackie' but their bond was strong. Lucas, the perfect candidate for OBBP, was a rebel. He sported tattoos, scars, a thin silver lip ring, and some crazy art skills. He fits the job description perfectly for Jacqueline's rebound. And guess what? He's actually interested in her too!
But then of course, there's the big elephant in the room where Jackie's almost raped which gives her trust problems. Add to that Lucas's emotional gap and shady history. This whole brew of college feisty drama blew up. But the results? It was delicious. This is the epitome of a great contemporary that worked. The themes were powerful and makes me anticipate my own future college experience.

Reader's Caution is Advised.