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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire So there were no slow parts during the story, quick and lots of action. I loved how perfect the title described the book. Thank goodness there's a good ending to the book! I would hate to have known that the straight 7hrs I sat through reading this book was wasted. College life was a new type of genre and this was the first book about it other than Been there, Done That (by Carol Snow). After BT,DT book, I didn't really want to read anymore about college since it sounds too unrealistic. I haven't graduated HS yet and this view of college in BD sounds really aggravating. There was absolutely no talk, none, NADA, nothing at all about college classes. 90% of the book takes part in the night life and skipping classes to have fun.
Not to say I didn't like the book, I do, but this corrupts my view of college life. Drunk all the time, sex, wtf? seriously, the characters are still managing As in all their classes? Kara is probably a stellar student...but the other characters, to hell with them!
There are many redeeming parts of the novel. Travis is a good character and charming enough but he is very cliche and a total dream. Aside from his HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE anger problems, he can say he's every girl's dream. A freaking Ken doll. gehh...but the author tried. She tried to dab some flaws into Travis and even deliberately slipped a couple in Abby. Whatever, the author just takes personality traits and shows them to readers to the extreme. She just exaggerates the characters' actions. Not to say it just becomes funny after a continuation of more hyperboles.
Haha this book taught me a lesson and I'll be sure to keep it in mind during senior year. I'm going to choose my college carefully. extremely careful. There's obviously a ridiculous amounts of whores and many crazy stunts have been pulled in the book. Just hope that my choice of college isn't a replica of EasternU in BD.