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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Okay I seriously didn't see that coming. Everyone better watch out because Armentrout has crashed onto the scene messing everything up in the Luxen/Arum/Human world. I actually haven't read Opal yet but since this book occurs after Opal, I expected some spoiler and well...it sorta did. However Armentrout did mention this is a stand-alone so obviously Daemon and Jenn is low-priority and boy, am I glad of that! Hunter has asshole issues and since he so easily clashes with Serena, there's a lot of snark. Some of the stuff they say has me appalled and guffawing in disbelief so watch out everyone! The language is pretty graphic with expletives spanned out in every other sentence. This should come as no surprise and it takes a while to get used to since the narrator IS Hunter the meanie and Serena occasionally. Well, this is an adult novel so everyone and I mean everyone should proceed with caution.