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Ferragost (Lumatere Chronicles, #2.5) - Melina Marchetta,  Kirsty Eagar Oh god, it's so good. It was soo great! I love the mystery and Marchetta reminds me why I love them so much even though I don't read anything much from that genre. There's the chill, the excitement and all the exhilarating clues that are subtly laid out in the story. For so short a story, the romantic atmosphere of course suffers but it was still there; I can't say it's sweet because this is, what, not juvenile and puppy love. But either way, I'm invested in this whole fantasy world and I just wish for another spinoff, sequel or anything extra from Skuldenore. I don't know how she does it but for such a somber story with a solemn ending, Melina Marchetta still manages to make me laugh.